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Empire Fuel Adjustable Air System


People qualify the Empire Fuel Adjustable Air System as the best adjustable output system on the market right now. And they’re right. It’s really one of the greatest out there, but you have to be willing to pay the price for it. And unfortunately the price is not something anyone can afford. The thing is pushing near $320, but if you can afford it you should certainly consider getting it. It will do nothing but make you happy. The system is big, but very light. It’s extremely well balanced and very dependable.  The on/off valve is easy to use. The output adjustment is a piece of cake. The shootdown is not something you should worry about even at over 20bps. Leaks are something very rare, too. The gauges are nice and easy to read. It’s simply a great system. One that you won’t regret buying. Here are it’s features:

1.Stainless steel chassis
2.Step cut fill nipple back-check – puts an end to leaks and stops the “stuck back checks”
3.Shut off pin with bonded rubber seal thwarts extrusion
4.Direct flow internal piston creates the industry’s very best flow rate, and averts “shoot down”
5.Sintered filters at fill point and base regulator stop contiminates before they can stop you
6.Balanced design maintains rock steady output pressure for ultra consistent velocity
7.Quick switch gauge and fill nipple design with o-rings create a reliable seal without thread sealants
8.On/off knob can be easily operated while under pressure

The only tiny bugging thing is that the Empire Fuel Adjustable Air System is very slow filling, but that’s for a reason of course – it can help prevent abuse on the burst disk. There’s really nothing else to be put as a downside. Beside its price of course, but that’s something we already went through – having the best comes at a certain price.

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