Dye Throttle Adjustable Air System

With all the variety on the market it’s only natural to wonder which one is the best air system for you. If you really can’t make up your mind, let me give you an easy solution – Dye is the way to go. There are many, many other good systems, but when it comes to the best Dye is the name that always comes in mind first. The Dye Throttle Adjustable is nothing but confirmation to what I said above. The thing performs extremely well and even at the highest rates of fire there is no drop off at all. Also the recharge rate is just incredible and (most importantly) very reliable. One of the most noticeable strengths is the titanium design that makes the system super light. You’ll love this thing, there’s no doubt about that. Here is the manufacturer’s description about it:

“The new 4500 psi adjustable Throttle Titanium air delivery system is the ultimate in air management technology. Made from a solid bar of 6AL-4V titanium, the Throttle 45 TI will perform like no other air system on the market. Fully adjustable range of operation and balanced uniform air movement provide consistent shots at low operating pressures. The Throttle remains consistent even as high as 30 cfm.”

All the Dye Throttle tanks come with a factory preset of 850 PSI. The tanks are only available as 4500 PSI systems in four different bottle sizes:
• 45 CI bottle, great for front players due to its small compact size. It will get you about 800 shots on most markers.
• 70 CI bottle, great for front, mid and back players. It will get you about 1600 shots on most markers.
• 71 CI bottle, great for mid and back players. It will get you about 1700 shots on most markers.
• 91 CI bottle, great for recreational and scenario players. It will get you about 2100 shots on most markers.

The Dye Throttle Adjustable costs around $239.95 irregardless which bottle configuration you need. That’s not cheap, but I think it’s just the right price for this system. If you get the chance to try it I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting it soon. It’s not a system (or a brand) that will disappoint you.