DraXxuS DXS Nitrogen Systems

Another Draxxus tank that deserves your attention. The DXS Nitrogen System is great. It recharges fast and never starves for air. Its gauge is really accurate so you will always know how much air you have left. The reg is a PMI knockoff, recharges at about 30 times a second, which you have to admit is not bad at all. The thing is light (maybe not the lightest, but noticeably lighter than many others). It is normal sized tank, but still very comfortable to play with. Features:

•    Light, compact
•    Output pressure is preset to 850psi.
    68ci 4500psi -1100 shots with a full fill
    48ci 3000psi – 600 shots with a full fill.
•     Mechanical gauge
•     Certified fill nipple
•     5 year hydro test date

It’s not something that shines over the most expensive tanks out there, but it sure ahs its advantages. It’s not a problem causing tank and leaks are not an often thing. it’s pretty reliable and very nice looking. It costs around $200 (don’t pay more for it) which is pretty reasonable price I think. You’ll certainly need a cover for it, but that’s easy to find. I’ll say the NXE Dynasty cover is the perfect one for it since many of the others will be a little loose. Anyway it’s a great product for its price, but if you can spend more money and get one of the most expensive stuff do it.