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DraXxuS Carbon Fiber 48/4500 HPA Tank


If you liked the CP Air tank from the previous review it’s quite possible that you like the DraXxuS Carbon Fiber 48/4500 HPA Tank, too. They’re basically the same products, only a little bit different, but we’ll talk more about that difference later in the review. I’ll start with the positive things about this tank. First and foremost it is very small and light. It also has a constant out put pressure and is very reliable and problem free product. Being small doesn’t mean you can’t get plenty of shots per fill out of it. Believe it or not, but given 1000spf sometimes may even be exceeded. Here are its features:

•    Light, compact and will give you up to 1000 shots with a full fill.
•    Output pressure is preset to 450psi.
•    Mechanical gauge
•    Certified fill nipple
•    5 year hydro test date

So for the differences – the DXS and CP 48’s are actually the exact same tank. It’s the reg that makes the difference. The reg of the Draxxus is a little longer and heavier than the one CP has which makes the entire tank a tad heavier and longer as well. That’s not too big of a deal if you ask me, especially if take the performance under consideration. Not to mention that the price of the Draxxus is about $190. This is something like $60 cheaper than the CP Air. If you can deal with the tiny weight difference the Draxxus is the tank to go for. After all $60 is $60.

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