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Allen Paintball Products – Widowmaker barrel


The Allen Paintball Widowmaker is an option if you’re a beginner looking for a cheap barrel upgrade. You can find the thing for about $35-$40 and it really isn’t worth more. In my opinion it looks better than the previous Allen Paintball barrel reviewed, but if we speak performance wise it has some catching up to do. Not that the thing is not accurate or durable, or light, but there sure are better barrels, just as cheap if I may add, out there. And when it comes to being quiet – it does reduces the noise, but quiet isn’t exactly the right word for it. Anyway see the description for it, before we go on bashing it:

“Widowmaker Barrels look tough and shoot great. A quick and easy performance upgrade for some of the most popular guns in the game. Constructed from Aircraft Grade Aluminum, machined to exacting standards. Micro honed to .690 and a mirror finish. Precision positioned porting minimizes distortion on the ball, making them some of the most accurate paintball barrels ever sold. Straight and Spiral Porting patterns available. Available for: SPYDER, PIRAHNA, INFERNO, MILLENIUM, BRUIZER, SHERIDAN XTS. Widowmakers are available in Gun Metal Gray only – Optimum 12″ length only”

So, really, beside looks there isn’t much else this barrel can offer. It’s cheap, yes, but as I said there are other barrels at similar prices out there that are better than it. And to make it even worse Allen Paintball are giving you exactly no choice. You can get the thing in only one color and only one length. You can certainly do better than that. It sure is a personal choice if you want to go for it, but my advise is to just look some more and find something better – it won’t be that difficult.

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