32 Degrees Carbon Fiber Barrel

Upgrading you barrel is just another way to improve your gun and make it quieter, more accurate and reliable. It’s not something anyone can or will do, but for those of you who take paintballing more seriously, here are some barrels to choose from. We’ll start with the 32 Degrees Carbon Fiber Barrel. The thing is simply beautiful. But even better performance wise. It’s very light, quiet and accurate. You can use pretty much all kind of paint through it and the number of broken balls will be tiny, if any at all. Even if you break a ball the thing is self cleaning so after 3-4 shots it will work like a charm again. See what the manufacturer has to say about it:

“It is as strong as steel but only 1/3rd the weight. The air rifled carbon fiber gray barrel is attached to an aluminum base or a micro-polished stainless steel base. Available for the Spyder, Autococker, Automag, Angel & the Prolite. Available in 10, 12 or 14 inch lengths.”

There really isn’t much to put as a downside. Some people don’t like the chrome at the end because it is shiny, but that’s really not much of a big deal. Others claim the barrel is not self cleaning as advertised – it is…but don’t forget the paint you’re using matters a lot in that case – it’s only natural that thicker paint takes a little longer to clear off. As to the price – around $80 – there are many other good choices in that range, but you won’t be disappointed if you decide to trust exact  this 32 degrees carbon fiber barrel. It really is a plus to your gun.