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Diablo Wrath Gun – Red Black Blue and Silver

Diablo Wrath Gun

OK what I am about to introduce is one of the speediest guns out there. It’s capability is 20 paintballs per second which means you are in the zone with the Diablo Wrath Paintball Gun. Extra features of the gun include Quick-Strip bolt, Vise Grip Feed Neck, vertical fore grip regulator, ported barrel and high speed air-ram. Best of all it’s discounted at the moment at almost half its original price. Extra features include:
• Up to 20 shots per second
• Air ram OS
• LCD Trigger frame with counter and timer.
• Ergonomically designed
• Low pressure regulator
• Vertical clamp feed port
• Adjustable double trigger with e-safety
• Custom fade anodizing
• Polished custom ported barrel
• Dual beam break eyes
As I said it’s price is the best part – around $220 and the original price was around $400 so … if you need a high speed gun with great features now would be a good time to get this one. You can also choose from 4 different colors and a fade anodizing from blue to silver is also available (costs extra).

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