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Dangerous Power Threshold

Here comes the next Dangerous Power “must definitely consider” marker. I know I’m making it harder on you with those “all good and no disadvantages” reviews, but I just can’t call the white black. The Threshold is yet another great marker with its sexy looks and amazing performance. Not to mention at an incredible price for the quality you’re getting. The thing costs about $550, but can easily cost over $1000 and I would still say it deserves them. It’s small, light and easy to maneuver. It’s fast, accurate, consistent, and very reliable and has little to no kick. It also comes in a package with everything you need: macroline, RAPS on/off, barrel-bag, o-rings, and even a small allen wrench set. The trigger is also great. It was something I pointed out as a downside for the G3, but here it has a very responsive, snappy feel and I’m sure you’ll like it. So before the few downsides check out the featured info:

“The Dangerous Power Threshold was never meant to be released to the public. Our engineers and design team had a bit of a clash when it came to the aesthetics of the new marker. Leaning towards clean lines, where function is hailed above form, the chief engineers of the project commented that the milling was too wild, and far too excessive. Cost was another prohibitive factor. 20 tools utilizing the latest 3D software, running 24 hours per day to produce only 7 bodies!”

“Weighing in at just 35.2oz (2.2lbs), which includes the full two piece barrel, feed neck, ASA, and battery, the Threshold consists of only 2 parts and 6 easily accessible O-rings in the entire operation. Based off of a dump valve system and a custom, in-house designed 3-way solenoid, the Threshold boasts excellent efficiency numbers.”

The biggest downside for me is the dip-switches. I find them very irritating. And if you’re one of the people who switch modes often, you’ll feel the same way. Another thing is the grips – they’re not the most comfortable and my advice is to get some new ones. And that’s about it. Let me once again mention the price – $550. So if you’re lucky enough to find a Threshold available (they’re pretty limited) I say don’t hesitate a moment and go for it right away.

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