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Dangerous Power F8 Fusion

The first thing you’ll notice with the Dangerous Power F8 Fusion is its perfect milling. Not one mill mark, scratch or dimple. It’s absolutely flawless down to the smallest detail. It’s a beautiful gun and I don’t think anyone will dare to disagree with that. The marker is sleek, small and very well designed. It’s also extremely light but of what I hear very durable. It performs just as well as it looks. It’s fast, quiet, consistent, air efficient and accurate. I don’t think you’ll be able to find anything wrong with it. Check out the given specifications:

* Weighs 1.89 lbs.
* Length-19 inches and only 7 inches tall
* 200 psi operating pressure
* Same great efficiency as the Fusion
* No more LPR
* Comes with RAPS on/off
* Lower profile, patented xtreme grip feedneck
* Redesigned bolt
* Redesigned HPR
* Redesigned solenoid for reliability and adjustability

So can it really be flawless? Obviously it can. I honestly can’t find anything worth mentioning as a downside. I can recommend an upgrade if you insist – the stock barrel (a pretty good one btw) is .690 and if you don’t like that bore size you may switch to something else. And that’s it. Everything else is just great and if you decide to change it it’s only gonna be because of personal preferences. As to the price – I was somewhat surprised to see a $450 price tag on it. Why? Because the F8 Fusion can easily compete with some of the most expensive guns out there. Don’t hesitate too much on getting it. It’s definitely worthy.

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