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Dangerous Power G3

I was a bit skeptical when I saw the $300 price tag on the DP G3 marker so I won’t judge, if you felt the same, but let me tell you – this thing does a great job out there on the field. I won’t claim it’s the best marker out there, but you sure won’t regret if you’ve decided to buy it. The Dangerous Power have a reputation of making great products and with the G3 they once again stood up for it. The marker impresses not only with its looks, size and weight, but also with its performance. It’s amazingly fast, reliable, efficient, accurate and pretty much everything you’ll expect from a marker. Another thing worth mentioning is its ease of maintenance – seriously, this is probably the simplest marker I’ve ever seen when it comes to cleaning. All you have to do is remove one screw and the back cap to gain access to the bolt, which has a total of only 4 o-rings. The fewer the better, right. So before we go on here’s the given info about it if you’re interested:

“The new 2008 Dangerous Power G3 paintball marker weighing in at only 1.86lbs (fully equipped with the patented clamping feedneck, barrel and patented flip lever ASA) DP’s latest creation may be the world’s smallest and lightest paintball marker in existence!!!
Derived from the highly successful and limited production Threshold painball marker, the G3 benefiting from having only six o-rings in it’s entire operation based upon two precision crafted parts by turning one screw; the user can access the entire bolt assembly for easy maintenance and service. The new G3 utilizes a .45 grip frame for easy customization and comes standard with Dangerour Power’s highly acclaimed flip lever ASA (RAPS) and ultra low rise clamping feedneck.

G3 (black, blue, red)
weight: 1.86 lbs
length: 19.5 inches
height: 7.84 inches
operation pressure: 180psi
firing modes:

So you’re thinking – ok, we got to the good part where the illusion comes to an end, because no $300 marker can be perfect, right? Well, I already told you it isn’t, it’s pretty close though. I mean, for this price range the few upgrades the marker needs shouldn’t even count as downsides. So first of you may want to change is the reg. The thing’s really inconsistent which can be pretty irritating. The other thing is the trigger. Some people like it, but there are much better ones out there. In the end there are the grips – they’re not the most comfortable and can get slippery when wet, so just get another ones. And that’s it. But seriously – for $300…who cares. Get the G3 without any hesitation if it already caught your eye. You just won’t regret it.

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  • Alec February 24, 2011, 9:18 am

    This marker is amazing! I can’t stop using it. It’s the best in the market.

  • Bryan Sawyer March 28, 2011, 11:08 am

    More than just inconsistency, the regulator is complete trash. It’s built around the general regulator internals from the past. If you were to open up an AutoMag valve from before 2000 you would most likely see the same internals. lol. But seriously, another problem with the G3 that I’ve noticed and I’m sure most people have by now is the stock barrel. Come on, just because it’s .689 bore and 14″ doesn’t mean it’s a DYE Boomstick! It’s trash! Next, upgrades…WHERE ARE THEY! You can’t change the frame / the body / or anything other than the small features barrel,regulator,grips, and accents. That’s not enough for a gun like this. You can’t use many regulators with this frame because of the design of the “fat finger” trigger guard. which sucks because everyone loves the old school Hybrid regulator.

    Things I would change:
    Give it a 2 piece barrel – I know, I know the Spec-R has a 2 piece. You spend an extra $150 for it then….

    Extend the regulator adapter out further so that multiple regulator choices are available.

    Obviously change the wiggly trigger.