Dangerous Power Fusion – Black, Red, Blue and Gray

Dangerous Power are one of the best brands in the paintball makers field. From design to accuracy and performance brought at an affordable price, this is their top gun. If you plan to go into paintball for real you will sooner of later get acquainted with this gun and mark my words you’ll love it. Specifications include:
• Electronic LED switch
• Semi auto/ramping modes
• Runs off of one 9 volt battery
• Nitrogen/Compressed air only
• 250 psi low pressure air-ram
• Quick release bolt
• Overall length – 19.7 inches
• Includes 2 piece barrel – autococker threads
• Weight – 2.5 lbs.
• Infrared rays sensor strike
• Vertical regulator
• Anti-chop break beam eye
• Patented low rise clamp rapid feedneck
• Large trigger guard
Priced at around $400 this is a high end very comfortable professional gun that’s once of your best choices when it comes to pro-guns. The price includes one year warranty for parts and labor by the manufacturer.