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Allen Paintball 240 Round Hopper


We’re gonna start the hoppers reviews with probably the worst one out there, but anyway you have to know about it so you can avoid it. There’re really not that much good things to be said about the Allen Paintball 240 Round Hopper except maybe that’s capable of holding 240 rounds and that it’s extremely cheap. 240 rounds are more than an average hopper can hold so we have to give this one some credits about it. As to the “extremely cheap” it just leads the way. You can get the thing for under $5 (no mistakes here) which compared to prices like $180+ for the best hoppers out there is really nothing. Yet, why spend those $5 when all you’re gonna get is trouble, trouble, trouble. Like all gravity fed hoppers, the thing jams like crazy…I mean it, it jams every 2 minutes and sometimes even shaking won’t help. It usually feeds like 5bps, but that’s pretty much the maximum you can get of it, so unless you like slow you better run from it. And if you think that’s it, you’re wrong. All that mumbo jumbo unbreakable part in the features just drives me crazy – the thing breaks so easily that even a 4 year old can do it. I’ll give you the features, but you don’t even have to read them…most of it doesn’t correspond to the truth:

•    Holds a 40 rounds more than factory ammo box.
•    Features an unbreakable Plastic lid .
•    3″ Wide Mouth design for easy loading.
•    Works with Tippmann A-5 and the new Tippmann 98
•    Cyclone feed attachment

This hopper is just useless. I won’t use it even if it comes as a present. There’s just no point trying to play with it when you know it is not gonna happen. So you better look for something else. You may spend some more money on it, but at least you’ll know it’s worthy.

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