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Archon Paintball Tacamo Hopper


Yes, it’s another gravity fed hopper, but this one is a lot better than the previous one reviewed. The price is somewhat the same. You can get the thing for around $5and I don’t know how Archon did it, but their product can’t even be compared to the Allen Paintballs. It’s not that it’s fast, but it gets the feed level up to 9-10 bps which for a gravity fed hopper is pretty good. Many of you won’t like it, but it’s pretty good for woodsball players where shooting ropes isn’t necessary. Of course, the thing jams sometimes, but give me a gravity fed hopper that doesn’t. The difference is that this one jams a lot less than the others of it’s kind. As to the manufacturer’s description this time most of it is true:

“This hopper can feed up to 11.6 BPS . No batteries to go dead, No electronics to go bad, No motor to burn out & No noise! This hopper works with dual feed ramps inside the hopper allowing the paintballs to feed into your marker without any down-pressure from the paintballs above, this also doubles the “catch area. Unique “Triple Secure Lock” lid Archon has incorporated into this hopper design. This is a new hopper lid design that latches on 3 sides for a much better seal.”

It’s not the best looking hopper out there, but you can’t really expect it be for the price you’re getting it. The thing is it works well. So if you’re tired of batteries and noise, want something cheap and can deal with the fact that it’s not too fast and will jam from time to time this is the hopper for you. From all the gravity fed hoppers this is the most recommendable one.

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