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Viewloader eVLution II


I’m sure you’ve guessed already that this is the bigger brother of the eVLution 3. Fact is that the two don’t differ that much from each other (design and performance), but yet again the eVLution 3 is newer and slightly upgraded. If you have to choose between the two of them I say go for the newer one. The price is all the same anyway. If you have to choose between this one and something else this is why you should consider getting the eVLution II. The thing is really reliable. It is tough made and we know that accidents happen – drops, hits – the thing will be just fine. Jamming is out of the question with it. It may not be as fast as its inheritor, but 17 bps is pretty good, don’t you think. It’s again very easy to clean and very light. It holds 200+ balls which is like 30+ more than a Halo for instance. I know it’s not really great looking loader, but it sure compensates that with performance. So here are the features for it:

•    a feed rate of up to 17 balls per second,
•    special designed feeding propeller with new JVON flexible blades,
•    a stronger spring loaded curved door which opens down acting as a funnel for faster fills and less spills,
•    high impact resistant shell and longer neck,
•    easy cleaning design takes after the VL Revolution’s field proven construction,
•    LED light low-battery indicator,
•    IR sensor controlling on/off propeller actuation
•    battery saving circuitry.

Guess the eVLution 3 pretty much inherited the flaws cause there’re not that much different here. Again we have the small feedneck, the battery door feeling weak, the noise and the over need of batteries. Other than that it’s one great thing to get. Still, as I said earlier, why spending the same money for an older version? It’s a good loader really, but the better decision will be to go for the eVLution3.

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