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Viewloader eVLution 3


There’s quite a collection of Viewloaders we’re about to review, but I thought it’s gonna be nice to start with probably the best of it. The eVLution 3 is one of the Viewloader’s highly rated markers and there’s a reason for that. It’s not that it’s the most technologically advanced marker out there, but it’s really reliable one and it works almost flawlessly. As advertized the thing can get up to 23 bps making it just a ball or two slower than the Halo. It does hold 200 balls, but you may not wanna fill it all the way up. The 6 blade flexible paddle is really awesome. Jams are not something to fear of with this loader. The lid is pretty good, too. There’s not one or two loaders out there getting lower rates because of lid problems, but this one’s really great. Here are the features for it:

* 23 balls per second feed rate
* 200 ball count capacity
* Jam-free 6 blade flexible paddle
* Spill proof spring loaded lid can be locked
* LED low battery indicator
* Vision system recognizes dark or black shell paintballs

There are some small flaws I’ll point out, but don’t let them ruin your first impression about this thing. First of – people complain that the feedneck is a little small, but there’s a solution for that – tape. The other complain is about the battery door being a somewhat fragile. The noise is something people point out sometimes, but I think the loader is not that loud. As to the battery life – it’s really not the best one, so you better carry some extra batteries with you when you play. And that’s it for the flaws. Did I mention that the thing is light? It is. And it’s also very easy to clean. As to the price – it’s probably the best one for its range. You can get it for about $60 and that’s cheap for the performance you’re getting out of it. It’s true that it’s not quite as good as Halo B, Empire Reloader B or B2, VLocity or Pulse…but if you don’t have enough money to get one of those then I would definitely suggest the eVLution 3. It won’t disappoint you.

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