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Turbo Paintball Active Response Feeder


This is a hopper for anyone that doesn’t like using batteries or electronics. It’s one very light hopper that can hold a fair amount of paint – 200+ balls. It’s also pretty cheap as it costs around $35. And that’s pretty much all the good things we can say about it. From here all the flaws start to take control. First the body construction is really a weak one and it’s not just one case when people get theirs split in half. The seams are very weak and poorly made. The lid has no spring and does not close very tight so you’re always in danger of loosing paint. As to the performance – the thing does fire up to 12 bps, but that’s only when it decides not to jam. Jamming really is the biggest problem of it. It’s constant, constant, constant…even the agitation doesn’t help. Looks are not on the strong side again – the thing may be light, but it’s pretty big. It’s just not worth that $35 asked. You can get something way more reliable and better for that kind of money. Even some of the gravity fed hoppers are better than it. I’ll give you the manufacturer’s description, but my suggestion is don’t waist your money on it.

“The Turbo Active Response Feeder is a pneumatically operated paintball loader designed for high performance and reliability. The patented design allows for continuous agitation for the high rates of fire encountered with modern paintball markers. The Turbo Active Response Feeder was designed by our team of engineers and paintball playing enthusiasts to provide tournament level performance without the use of batteries or electronics.
The goal of the designers of the Turbo Active Response Feeder was to deliver a high performance paintball loader utilizing the excess energy that is readily available with most modern paintball markers. Utilizing an industry first Power Take-Off Pin (PTO-Pin) or simple press on fitting the engineers at Turbo Paintball LLC. have harnessed ‘Free’ Energy and used it to keep your paintballs from jamming. The Turbo Active Response Feeder delivers continuous agitation with every cycle of the paintball marker without the use of batteries or electronics.”

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