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Odyssey Halo TSA LCD


Here’s the other Odyssey option you have for a loader. The Halo TSA LCD is a regular agitating hopper, which means no force feed. It features “Tilt Sound Activation” which means that there are no pesky eyes to get dirty or fail. It also can detect which way the hopper is tilting, and adjust its feed pattern accordingly to maximize performance. The thing is pretty neat although a little on the long side. It’s not the fastest loader out there as its bps rate is not more than 15, but it can keep up pretty good with most of the guns. You have the battery option before you – you can use either two 9v batteries or 8 AAA ones. That’s a nice feature, but you know its downside – two 9v means lower weight, but also lower speed and with the 8 AAA it’s the absolute opposite. Here are the features for the Halo TSA LCD.
•    Lean left, paddle spins right
•    Lean right, paddle spins left
•    Two 9V or 8 AAA battery operation
•    Set timer function
•    Shot counter
•    Motor duration (range: 3 to 15)
•    Sensitivity threshold (range: 5 to-95)
•    Bolt style selection (open/closed)
•    Motor speed selection – 3 options
•    Timeout adjustment (range: 5 to-50)
•    Capacity 220 paintballs
•    Feeds 13-15 balls per second
•    1 year limited factory warranty
The LCD screen gives you the opportunity to customize your hopper and is a nice thing to have, too. The lid is nicely positioned, but many players find it a little bit fragile. We also have to point out that the thing is pretty heavy. It’s a matter of getting used to, but still worth to mention. You can get the hopper in 3 colors – clear, black and smoke. The price is around $45 and as you can see that’s pretty cheap. It’s a hopper well worth its money and a thing you can rely on. If you decide to go for it you won’t be disappointed, still if you can afford something pricier go for it without hesitation.

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