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Hybrid Technologies – Traitor Mummy

The Traitor Mummy has a price tag that puts it in-between the most expensive markers out there and just because of that I expected so much more from it. Of course it has its advantages – it’s very fast, light, nicely balanced, looks great and is pretty efficient, but still those don’t make it any more exclusive than the other markers out there. If you’re gonna invest so much money into a marker you expect it to be flawless. The Traitor Mummy isn’t. Even the 4 Eyes don’t make it better but quite the opposite. Go through the provided info and we’ll move on:

“New from Bob Long and Hybrid Technology is the Hybrid Mummy. The Mummy is a Bob Long gun based off the Marq6/Onyx design with a lot of Hybrid’s tweaks to squeeze every ounce of performance out of this gun.

New Bob Long Design Completely Different than the Intimidator designs.
New Streamlined Inline Popped Design (completely different than a Shocker Design)
Custom Hybrid HedLok Clamp
Custom Hybrid Milling
Custom Hybrid Trigger
Custom Hybrid Push Button On/Off
Custom Hyrid ergonomic grip frame.
Custom Hybrid HE Bolt
Super Lightweight: 2.1 lbs
4 Eyes Yes thats right 4 eyes (2 Pair) INSTALLED
Can Work with 1 set of eyes or both sets of eyes
26+ BPS with 4 Eyes On.
Swivel top regulator
1400 Shots Per 68/4500 Estimated
Custom 2007 Hybrid Skull Grips White
O-ring and LP Hose Parts Kit Included.
Bottomline Kit Installed.
O-ring Kit
White and Black Macro line
Quick Start Instructions”

There are several things that I can point out as disappointment.  First of the trigger isn’t that great. It feels a bit uncomfortable and in my opinion you’ll want to change it right away. The eyes are the other problem. The eye cover screws are very small and you’ll need a tiny wrench in order to take them out and clean them. It’s a pain and takes quite some time. On top of that be warned that crappy paint can cause breaks. I know some won’t agree with me and will think I overreact, but no matter how small those flaws are, for $1400 they shouldn’t even be there. If you’re about to spend that much money you deserve a better gun. Go for anything else, but this one.

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