Hybrid Technologies – Traitor Shocker 2007

Yet another pretty expensive marker – the Traitor Shocker 2007. It’s overall a pretty good gun, but nothing too special if you ask me. I personally wouldn’t pay $1300 for it. The difference between this one and the 06 model isn’t really that big. Some modifications and that’s all. Yes the marker’s fast, it looks nice and is easy to maintain, but aren’t they all these days. For me the biggest downside is the Traitor shocker’s weight. It’s pretty heavy and if you’re like me and like light guns you should definitely look for something else. Also the thing can be a real gas hog if it’s not set right so make sure you have that covered before you go on the field. And again the trigger isn’t the best one I’ve tried. If you like it – good for you, I personally think it needs changing. Here’s the provided info:

“The second edition of the Traitor Series Shocker remains true to the legacy left behind by the original.


New for 2007 break beam eye technology
Low pressure operation
HE Bolt standard
Standard Hybrid threaded barrel port
Redesigned stronger feedneck threads
Dual ball detents
Integrated dovetail for bottomline attachment
Multipoint adjustable trigger
Updated inline HPR regulator
Lightweight compact design
Electropneumatic operation powered by a single 9v battery”

Sp once again – I don’t think the marker deserves the price tag it’s given. For that kind of money you can get something far better. look around – it’s not like you don’t have plenty of choice.