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Avalon Spinloader E-tron 130 Round Hopper


Don’t be fooled – the E-tron in the name of this hopper has nothing to do with the fact that it’s electronic or something. The thing is nothing but gravity fed and this is just another company trick of attracting customers. Actually judging by the performance of the Avalon Spinloader E-Tron tricking you is probably the only way they can make you get the thing. Or at least should be as the thing is not worth even the $5 you can get it for. Not only it’s ugly, it’s also a complete disappointment. And in the manufacturer’s description jet again you get nothing but lies:

“The E-tron is a revolutionary new hopper that is the new alternative to tubes and e-hoppers. It will feed approximately 10 bps. They make spills very rare if ever because you don’t have to use tubes to dump into the hopper simply pull out the next E-tron from the harness and put it on your gun and flip the dump switch. These hoppers use treaded elbows so you don’t have to worry about the hopper falling off the gun.”

The bps rate rarely goes above 5 balls and the fact that it can only hold 130 rounds doesn’t help it. Jams are an often sight and I know they’re normal for every gravity fed hopper, but jamming every 3 min is a little too much for my nerves. If you really can’t afford something pricier get the Archon Tacamo Hopper. It’s pretty much the same money, just a lot better not only in performance, but also in looks (in my own opinion). The Spinloader E-tron is simply not worthy, unless of course you like to be miserable.

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