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Brass Eagle Pocket Hopper

I know it’s a Brass Eagle, but still I’ll review this thingy. It’s again one of the cheapest hoppers you can find on the market right now and again you get what you pay for. Starting with the good things (yes, there are one or two of them), first of all the Pocket Hopper is really a pocket hopper. It’s so small you can easily carry it around in your pocket. It’s also very light and keeps a nice low profile. And those are just about the good things. On the other hand – being small means the thing can’t carry lots of paint. It’s said to be a 50 count hopper, but the maximum you can get from it is 30-40 paintball. If filled entirely it completely jams. And while we’re on the jam theme – it does jams sometimes, although there are worse hoppers, when it comes to that indicator, out there. Also the thing is really fragile. It’s not a big target, yes, but take my word, it rarely takes more than one hit. The clear color can also be put as a downside since it attracts attention, but that’s easy to fix with some spray. You can get the thingy for under $5 (or should I say under $3 cause $5 is way too much for it) and if you think you can deal with it being so small, slow and fragile, go for it. in the end here are the features given from the manufacturer:

“BE Pocket Hopper is a 50 count hopper. Comes with some Brass Eagles low end markers, and is also available for purchase.”

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