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DraXxuS Pulse Loader Reviews

We’ll make a huge jump from the super cheap to the super expensive loaders with the review for the Draxus Pulse Loader. The thing is priced around $150 and it’s not something anyone can afford. But for those who can and hesitate whether to buy it or not, keep reading. The common opinion about this loader is that it’s simply amazing. It does its job perfectly and almost flawlessly. The thing is not a small one, but it sits low enough giving you the low profile you want. It’s extremely fast and you won’t have any problems with it keeping up with your gun no matter what you’re using. The battery live is pretty good. You also get the option for 6 AA’s or 2 9v as both ways work just fine. As to the durability – this thing is made strong. No worries about breaking up on you or not being able to protect the paint anymore. Here are the features as given form the manufacturer:

•    Magnetic Lid for easy quick loading
•    Removable Drivetrain
•    Fast & Easy Cleaning Access
•    Recessed Feed Cone
•    Gentle drive fingers for brittle paint
•    Interchangeable Battery Kit
•    6 AA’s or light weight 2X9V Option
•    Low Profile Feed Neck
•    Faster Block-Free Performance
•    Wireless One-Sync Pulse Technology
•    Marker & Loader Communicate & Function as One for Max R.O.F.

There are some downsides for the Pulse, but certainly not something to worry too much. Some people are complaining about noise, but I can assure you the Pulse is probably one of the quieter high end loaders out there. Sometimes it can jam, but this is something rare and if it happens the jam can be fixed very easy – there’s a little button on the bottom and all you have to do is push it real fast, and it reverses the drive to get rid of the jam. The thing is a lithe heavy, but that’s to be expected since it’s an electronic loader, right. Probably the biggest downside is the lid. It’s a magnetic one and Draxus state that it closes really tight, but the magnets are not that strong and it takes just a little shake for the lid to open. There’s an option for a tight fit – you just have to snap the lid all the way down. I advise you to use that…it works btw. Maintenance is a kid’s game with this thing. Cleaning it is the easiest job ever – you just pull the internals out without any tools and your entire hand can fit into the loader with a cloth/paper towel. So there you go. There’s really nothing much to be said about it. If you can afford this loader get it without any hesitation. You’ll pay all that money for it, but it will pay back great.

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