Empire Magna-Drive

So here’s a loader for you that’s even better than the previously reviewed Draxus Pulse. It’s a little bit more expensive, yes, but if you can spend those extra $30 this should definitely be your choice. It’s a great looking loader…it’s a little on the big side, but has great sleek design and actually manages to keep a pretty low profile. The thing is amazingly fast and you won’t have any problems with that. Noise and vibrations are also not a problem with it. With the new technology Empire is using the noise level is significantly reduced. The loader is very strongly built so don’t be afraid of hits or bumping into things. Here are the features for it:

•    Magna-Drive™ – Magnetic Clutch System (Patent Pending)
•    Proprietary RF Capabilities for Wireless Activation (Patented and more Patents pending)
•    Easy Acess Battery Pack (No tools required)
•    Magnetic Lid (Patents Pending)
•    Durable Polycarbonate Body and Reinforced ‘laminated’ Feed Neck System
•    New Reduced Profile Body Design (Patent Pending)
•    HALO® Rip-Drive™ (Patents Pending)

The problems that occur with the Draxus Pulse loader can’t be found here. The lid closing is again magnet one, but with the Magna-Drive the magnets are really strong and are set not on the front, but on the back end of the loader which makes the closing even tighter. You also get some spare magnets just in case the ones that come stock are not enough for you. The cleaning and maintenance is also pretty easy and won’t take long. It really is one of the best loaders on the market right now and again if you can afford spending so much money on the loader itself (the price of the Magna-Drive is around $180) you should definitely consider getting it. It will sure ease your game make it nearly flawless.