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Kingman Spyder FASTA 18v LCD


The Kingman Spyder FASTA is pretty much a good loader of what I hear. But it does have it downsides, too. People describe it as very fast although the fare bps rate would be around 25 and not 30+ as advertised. Still that’s pretty good. It’s also really light so if weight is an issue for you, you may wanna give it a try. The thing is not sound or eye activated, there is a little strip that is in the feedneck that when a ball moves over it, the impeller will spin, not that this matters too much, but you better know it. The battery life is pretty good too. It uses 2 9v batteries and on the LCD you have the low battery indicator so this time you get to now when you’re gonna run out of juice. Here are the features as given:

•    High Feed Rate
•    30+BPS
•    230 Ball Capacity
•    18V for extended battery life
•    Audio Alerts
•    Low Battery Indicator
•    Auto Shut Off
•    Poly Carbon Shell
•    Quick reload shell
•    Loader weight:1 pound w/ batteries

As to the downsides, people mainly complain about the lid. They say it feels weak and is fragile and don’t trust it too much. Also cleaning it isn’t that easy as there are a lot of nooks and crannies for paint to get into. You have the option of LCD and LED screen and although usually the LCD one is preferable there’s not that much of a difference between the two in this case so there’s really no point spending that extra $10. Anyway the price is around $75 and it’s really not that bad, but there are better loaders out there. For about $10 more you can easily get a Halo B for instance, which is really better.

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