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Dye Trainer


Those of you who don’t like the backpack style can chose something like the Trainer for instance. It is duffel style bag, again big enough to fit most of your gear and very practical. The
Dye Trainer has thick Velcro handle and reinforced stitching all around, making it very durable and safe to carry around. The bottom side of the bag is lightly padded, so it will keep its shape and protect your gear when you leave the bag on the ground. The Trainer helps you organize your luggage very well – it is divided into four compartments, one along the side, large center, and two on the other side. It also has additional zippered pockets in the rear and front. See the info provided for it:

Large duffel style main compartment
– Adjustable shoulder strap
– Name card holder
– Dual zippered front pockets
– Large zippered rear pocket
– Microinjection logos
– Embroidered Dye logo, Dye logo Zipper pulls
– Dimensions: L26″ X W15″ X H11″

The biggest disadvantage of the Trainer is that even though it’s pretty big it may still be unable to fit all of your gear and you may need to carry something else with you. Also it would be nice to have some more padding on the bottom and maybe some for the pockets. Anyway the bag is a pretty good one and I think you’ll like it very much. It will cost you about $50 which is pretty much the cheapest Dye bag you can get. Still, if you don’t insist on the brand name you can find just as good, similar products for even less money.

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