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Empire Heater Backpack


The Empire Heater is a pretty good backpack. Especially for the money it’s priced. You can get it for about $55 which in the world of paintball backpacks is really not so expensive. Can you find something better – certainly, but you have to be willing to pay the price for it. The Heater is pretty big and you’ll be able to fit almost everything in it. Still, some of the bulkier stuff will be left on the outside. There’s a place to hang them though so if you don’t mind that you’ll like the bag. It has a big main compartment and plenty of additional pockets for your other stuff. The bag is strongly made and will keep up with the weight of your entire gear. The inside is made of nylon material which is very easy to clean. You have padded back straps and a strong grab handle. Pretty much everything you need from a backpack. Here are some more details about it:

* Specific pocket for your compressed air tank and loader
* Roomy main compartment for all your clothes and pads
* Clip for your goggles and harness to attach securely
* Neoprene grab handle to yank your bag out of you trunk
* Concealed padded gun compartment
* Two front pre curved padded compression straps
* Moisture wicking back pads
* Organizational pocket with places for your MP3 and all of your personal stuff
* Coated nylon material inside that easily wipes out any unwanted paint spots

The downsides worth pointing out are the lack of space for your entire gear and the lack of padding on the bottom of the backpack. I’ve already cleared the first part and as to the second – you just have to deal with it and be careful when putting your backpack on the ground. Other than that the bag is really a good deal. As I already mentioned the price is pretty good one and I’m sure you’ll be happy if you decide to get the Heater. There’s not too much to be expected from a backpack.

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