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Empire XLT Gear Bag


The Empire XLT is really the hugest gear bag I have seen so far. It can probably fit twice your gear and there might be some more room left in it. Seriously – it huge. It has big main compartment and plenty of pockets with some additional pockets in them. It’s really nicely made – great looking and which is more important, very sturdy. You’ll notice later in the specifications that with the bag itself you also get a removable gun case, tool pouch and a carry-on gym bag. Whatever you can think of this bag has it. What I like best is the goggle pocket – it’s very nice and very well protected (unlike some other bags I’ve seen lately). The bag also has telescopic handle (and trust me this comes in very, very handy when you load the thing), shoulder strap, and some off-road wheels (again a great touch – those are not the fragile wheels some other bags have, that you’re expecting to break any moment). Enough of that, look at the provided info now:

The largest gear bag Empire carries; this bag will hold it all. You will be able to carry everything you would ever need at the field with you. The MTS™ has been added to this huge gear bag as well, so you can strap in 2 markers.

* Vented wet pocket
* Removable gun case (accommodates 2 markers)
* Felt-lined goggle pocket
* Side pockets filled with zippered mesh pockets
* MTP Market Tether System
* Removable tool pouch
* Inside the side pocket in a lightweight carry-on sized gym bag (To transfer to if your bag is overweight for the airlines).
* Internal organizer pocket
* Telescopic hide-away pull handle
* Rugged off-road wheels
* Removable shoulder strap”

There are a few tiny details I can put as a downside, but don’t get me wrong – the bag is great…those are just tiny, tiny things that can make it better. First off the main compartment has no dividers. Just one divider would make things so much better, but there aren’t any so you just have to deal with it. Also the side pockets are somewhat tight…but you can still keep plenty of things there. And last the Marker Tether System is kind of pointless in my opinion. It’s no more than a couple of Velcro straps that don’t even hold your marker that secure. Other than that the bag is awesome and if you can afford it I’m sure it will meet your expectations and even exceed them. There’s also plenty of color and theme choices (yet another thing you don’t get from the other companies). It’s kinda pricy though – you can find it for about $160, but again do get it if you can spend that kind of money…you’ll love it.

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