NXe 2007 GB135 Rover Rolling Gear Bag

The NXe Rover Rolling bag is pretty big one. It’s actually very similar to a large gym bag, only it has two large pockets on each side and two smaller ones upfront. It also has a separator inside the main pocket. It sure can hold a lot of stuff and I don’t think anything will be left behind. It is nicely made and very robust. You can trust it 100% when you travel and carry your gear. It’s equipped with wheels and some very nice pull system that I think you’ll like. Again very strongly made so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart, as in many other cases. Here are some details about it and we’ll move on:

“The Rover is a flawless blend of function, innovation, and style. An expanded wheel base and all new Omni-level pull system eliminate any wobbling of the bag. The Rover boasts nearly 6,000 cubic inches of storage and is almost 40% lighter than all other gear bags in its class. Whether it is a day, a weekend, or a whole week at the field, the Rover is the perfect bag to fit your needs.”

It’s a nice bag, as to be expected from NXe, but there are some things worth mentioning as downsides. For starters the Rover Rolling Gear Bag is really nothing more than the large gym bag I mentioned in the beginning. It has no specific spot for your gun (let alone more than one), the pockets, while big, are just pockets – no separators, smaller pockets or anything in them. The bag just lacks organization. You’ll feel just as good with a simple duffle bag. For the price it is given I don’t think it’s worth getting, but you’ll decide for yourself. The price tag is about $110 depending on the place you’re getting it. If you’re looking for an advice – look for something better. There’s plenty of choice on the market.