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NXe GB-50 Recreational Gear Bag


The Recreational Gear Bag is another good NXe product and unlike the Rover Rolling bag it’s really worth getting. It’s not as big as the Rover but still holds plenty of stuff. It has hard bottom so your gear won’t hit the ground every time you put the bag down. It has a divider in the main compartment to keep things separately. The wheels are very nicely made and pretty robust as is the entire construction. You’ll like the bag I’m sure. Read some more about it:

“We are pleased to announnce the introduction of the GB 50 rolling gear bag. The GB 50 was specically designed to fill the niche for an entry-level, rolling gear bag at an affordable price. The GB 50 includes six internal pod holders and an adjustable divider which allow the user to create an internal compartment for gear storage. The GB 50 is ideal for the new player, basic rec player, and those players who just can’t spend a $100 or more for a gear bag.

* Additional features include Internal loops for pod storage
* Velcro divider for compartmentalization of gear and paintball guns
* Wide-mouth opening provides easy access, and simplifies opening and closing the bag
* Zippered outer storage pockets
* Rugged compression roller bearing wheels and ultra-secure pull strap to ensure ease of use”

As it says in the description it’s great for beginners or basic rec players that don’t carry too many stuff with them. It would have been nice to have at least one more divider in the main compartment, but you’ll have to deal with the single one provided. Another thing I don’t like is that again there’s no specific spot for the marker and it will have to be put with the rest of the gear. Anyway it’s a good gear bag…especially for the price it’s coming – $45. It’s rear to find a quality gear bag for less than $50. You should certainly check it out.

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