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Dye C6 Men’s Paintball Gloves


Gloves are just a small part from all the gear you have to have before going to the paintball playing field. You know there is plenty of choice on the market, but when it comes to paintball products you can’t deny Dye is a name with traditions in this field. Gloves like all their other products are highly valued. And there is why. It’s not a secret that paintball is a sport where looks really matter and those are one of the hottest looking gloves I have seen. Still look is not everything…you know, no matter how good some things look if you can’t use them there’s no point of buying them. Here look is combined with comfort and durability. The gloves re very well ventilated which prevents the sweating of the hand. There are also tiny weaves of rubber that help reduce slippage extremely well. And probably the most important padding is also great. There’s padding simply everywhere making the gloves the perfect protection against hand shots. Here the gloves’ features:
• Microinjection DYE logo with direct venting
• Compression formed neoprene body for superior protection
• Direct injection knuckle guards
• Anatomically correct finger position and cut pattern for superior comfort and longevity
• Durable hook and loop closure system
• Internally padded compression formed palm for added comfort and protection
• Vented, 4-way stretch gussets for circulation and comfort
• Internal Sensi-Touch fingers dramatically increase trigger sensitivity, resulting in a more responsive trigger feel
• Microfiber palm provides superior durability and a better overall sensation on the palm
• Crosshatch impregnated silicone patterned microfiber palm
• Stretch materials used at critical flex points ensure bind free movement during rapid trigger pulls
There are not really some big weaknesses in the Dye gloves. If you decide to cut the fingers this may cause fringes so if you do that make sure you burn the cut area so it can seal up and not fringe. Another slightly discomfort thing is that the gloves must be worn longer in order to start feeling really comfortable. This is true to all the gloves out there, but still is discomfort. Other than that this gloves are just perfect. Even the price is not something to complain about. They cost $24.94 and you can find them in black/red or black/ grey shade. Sizes are also available.

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