Proto 06 Men’s Paintball Gloves

I have good news for those of you who like Dye products, but find them a little bit too expensive. Proto products can be a great substitute. Proto 06 gloves are a great example. They are almost the same as the Dye C6, just cheaper. Of course there are differences and we can’t argue that Dye gloves are better than the Proto ones, but the cheaper price can be a great motivator from time to time. But it’s not only the price you should look at. The Proto gloves are actually very durable and comfortable, too. They also have very good ventilation and a give a very good grip to your gun. And as you look this picture, do we even have to mention that they look absolutely awesome. Check the gloves features before we move on with the review:
· Micro-injection logos – For added protection and style
· Compression form – Adds breathability and protection
· Lycra Gussets – Tight fitting fingers shoot straighter
· No-Seam Clarino Palm – Palm adds comfort and snug fit
· Four-way stretchable upper – Form fitting comfort and breathability
· Nylon Mesh – Padded, breathable material for bounces and ventilation
· Direct Inject Knuckle Guards – Protective soft rubber adds style and a protective element
· Micro-Injection Closure – For easy in and out action
· Non-slip stitching – Grip stitch design adds comfort, style, and an extra snag
· PVC Impregnated Grip – So good they banned it from the NFL
· Internal Padding – For added protection and style
As usual we should mention the flaws (there are flaws in any product…no matter how high end brand name it caries). The biggest problem people complain about in those gloves is the palm padding and more specifically that it is somehow uncomfortable. Other than that they get pretty good reviews. The gloves are priced for $14.98 which is 10 bucks less than the Dye 06…not much, but why spend it if you get a good enough product for less money. They also come in red, blue and grey color you can choose from, but if you look some more in the net you’ll probably find more shades. So as a closure all I have to say is – good gloves for good money. The rest is up to you.