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Hybrid Hate Heaters Arm Band

You may not be a glove fan, but one the cold days arrive you’re gonna need some protection for your arms. So you think “either get some gloves or wait for the next summer to play paintball again” is the only solution, but it’s not. The other things you can use are the so called arm heaters. Now this is not a product every company makes, but they are somehow similar to the fingerless knit gloves. The biggest purpose of the arm heaters is just the one their name suggests. The one I’m showing you – the Hybrid Hate Heaters Arm Bands – are probably one of the few sold on the market. Check their characteristics:
• No longer complain about those chilly wrists and hands.
• Look like the supreme pimp player you always imagined you were with these Hybrid arm warmers
• Hot logo action and now including free Pay Me action Kung Fu grip on the palm.
So if you’ve given up on gloves and have decided to go with those ones you should know that they are actually nothing like gloves. They don’t have any padding on so don’t expect them to protect your arm form anything else than the cold – every hit is gonna hurt just like if you’re not wearing anything. Basically people describe those as two socks that have holes for your thumbs. So now that the expectations are shattered I do have to tell you that actually those arm heaters are designed pretty smart and do look cool on your arms. You have the option to turn them over so the position of the graphics can change, but the most important thing is that they do perfectly the job they are designed for – keeping your hands warm. If I got your attention already let me tell you the price – $19.94. Basically that’s the price of a decent pair of gloves, but I don’t want to force my opinion. I’m just giving you options on everything that’s out there.

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