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Redz Envy 06 Men’s Paintball Gloves


Redz may not be the most popular brand on the market, but that for sure doesn’t mean that their products are not worthy. The Envy 06 Gloves are actually relatively good ones when compared to the leading brands. Well, we certainly can’t put them in the top 5, but we’ve certainly seen worse performance and looks out there. Actually the Envy 06 model is almost out of stock and hard to find already so if you like the glove’s characteristics you may hurry up and get them before they totally disappear. And the characteristics are:
• Intelligent Construction – Everything’s in the right place. Stretch zones, seam locations, and reinforced areas have all been carefully mapped out to maximize comfort and durability.
• Knuckle Protection – Redz put the best protection in the most commonly shot areas of the hand. The Neoprene we chose is breathable as well as protective.
• Pittard’s Leather Palms – Some of the best leather money can buy – it’s laced with carbon fiber for supreme strength, yet breathable with sweat resistance, optimum softness, and unparalleled grip.
• Kevlar Skid Pads – Covers and protects the most worn spots on gloves like a piece of bulletproof armor.
• Direct Venting Mesh – Soft, breathable mesh relieves your hands of excess heat from constant motion and trigger pulls.
• Micro-Fiber Thumb – Super-absorbent, micro-fiber terrycloth can restore spray-impaired vision with one swipe of the thumb.
The gloves are comfortable but they need to be broken in maybe a little bit longer than the other ones that are at relevant price. They have good padding especially in the knuckle area which you know hurts the most when hit so this is a strong one on the advantages side, they also have good venting and a nice grip. Some of the weaknesses players point out are the abnormal trigger finger length – who knows why, but the index finger is a lot longer that it should be and at some point this excess of length gets in the way. Another complains are about the gloves getting loose once they’re broken in. This is quite frustrating cause if you get a smaller size you’ll have trouble even getting the glove on your hand what’s left to break it in…you get the point. Other than that the gloves are fine. And the price is ok, too. They cost $19.99 and come in red, blue and grey. It’s gonna be hard for me to give an opinion whether to buy the gloves or not…it’s kinda 50/50. Considering the facts you’ll just have to decide for yourself.

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