Proto 07 Men’s Paintball Gloves

We’re moving to the next generation of Proto paintball gloves – Proto 07. In contrast with their predecessors those are somehow different from the Dye C7, and mainly in style point of view. They too look awesome just like the Proto 06 and the Dye models. Being the next generation makes it quite obvious that they won’t step down before the 06 model. Not at all. They get the same good qualities and move one step up with overcoming the flaws the previous model has. As to the flaws or should I say flaw – the palm padding – it has been taken care of. The Proto 07 gloves are even more comfortable and durable. The features part:
·  Superior comfort and flexibility with enhanced form and control.
· Full Clarino palm, Airprene main body and Lycra finger gussets offer extreme ventilation.
· PVC impregnated grip on the palm helps improve grip.
· Compression formed knuckles with direct injection for comfort and style.
So as I said the palm padding problem’s been removed, but does that makes the gloves flawless? Not really…if they were what’s the point of creating a new model…I’m sure there’s much more to be expected form the next Proto model. Until then you can get this one for $34.95 – again 10 dollar difference between them and the Dye C7. It’s a bit more expensive from the 06 version but it’s worthy. As to the colors – there’s even bigger choice: blue, red, grey and olive green.