JT Pro Series 05 Paintball Gloves

We are moving to the next brand of paintball gloves – the JT and their Pro Series 05. JT are known of making good paintball products and the Pro series 05 gloves are not a difference. The one thing you notice first for those gloves is their price. They come very cheap when compared to the other paintball gloves out there. The price they come at is only $14.98 – and if you know your way around the paintball gloves you’ll agree with me that this is indeed cheap. Still in this case (as it is in many cases btw) cheap does not mean crappy product. The gloves are actually pretty good. Yes, they have their flaws, but when you put the advantages and their price in the picture they become a pretty good deal. Check the features: • Slider’s palm has been ergonomically desinged to increase the longevity of your glove and placed strategically on the heel of the palm. • The silicon grip zones ensure the greatest grip to marker ratio possible • One-piece palm designed for enhanced feel • Lycra stretch zones, which add unbelievable flexibility • Injection molded impact resistant pads on the knuckles and back of the hand round out the build and the all new “Saw Blade” design is a heavy metal creation designed for the hardcore paintball player. The gloves allow a pretty good grip to your gun, and are very flexible and comfortable. The design is also pretty good according to me anyway, although some of you may find them too multi-colored. They actually match pretty well the 05 pro jersey, so if you’re a JT fan and have one of those you’ll be happy if you get the gloves, too. The flaws I was talking about earlier are not some big ones, but yet they do exist. The first one that I think is basically the biggest one is that the gloves are kinda weak on protection. They have the padding and everything, but yet they feel weak and it hurts more when you get shot in the hand…and that’s a pretty nasty feeling as many of you know. Another thing is that the fingers don’t have that anti-fray place if you want to cut the fingers…but as I said the gloves are kinda thin so you are may find them pretty comfortable for shooting even with the fingers still on. Another thing is that if the glove is a little bit big it may slide off. Other than that everything else is just fine. The colors they come in are blue, red and olive. And as I already said the price is pretty good, too. I’m not saying you can’t find better gloves on the market, but they always come on higher prices…for the money you pay for those ones my opinion is that you get a wonderful pair of gloves.