Empire Invert SE 2008 Paintball Gloves

Remember the Empire 08 Contact SE. Did you even for a moment thought that there won’t be an Invert 08 SE edition? But of course there is. Should I talk about the similarities between the two brands again? Actually the Invert SE 08 resemble more the Empire React 07 features (or should I say copy them), than the ones on the Empire Contact 08. This is not bad at all, especially if we take into consideration the fact that the appearance of the Invert 08 is much, much better than the Empire React 07, and if you ask me, it’s even better than the Contact 08 one. Let me remind you the features:
• Kevlar Gel palm pads where you need it most. Shock protection on the heel of your hand.
• Breathable Airprene construction for maximum protection and comfort
• Silicone palm- paintball can be a messy sport and we don’t want you dropping your $1000 dollar marker out there.
• Medical Velcro closure with gusset- keeping the gloves on and the dirt out
• Clarino Palm- not only is this one of the best feeling thin palm materials but it wont turn your hands the same color as your gloves
• Micro fiber sublimated thumb panels so you can buff up or remove any unwanted splatter from your lenses without scratching them
• Lycra hinged fingers and thumb- again we know how important it is for you to become one with your marker. We took every consideration in flex especially in the thumb to make sure you don’t even realize you have gloves on
As to the disadvantages – they, too, stay the same. But I think the advantages are more than the disadvantages and that’s why I consider those gloves worthy. They are worse than the Empire Contact 08 SE, but are better than the Empire React 07, and by the way are at the same price as the React 07, so unless you’re an absolute Empire fan I recommend those one before the React 07. The price I’m talking about is $29.94 and the colors (shades may be the better word here) you can find them in are US Army, blue, red, urban and woodland. Have you noticed that their price is the same as the Empire Invert SS in the woodland and urban camo shade? I really don’t wanna make a comparison here. I leave it all up to you to decide.