Empire Invert SS Men’s Paintball Gloves

Invert being an Empire inheritor followed their lead in the glove making. Basically they took all the good stuff from the Empire gloves and transferred them into their own. The only difference I find between the Invert and Empire gloves is the appearance. The knuckle modification is all the same, the padding is all the same and on the exact same places…the only thing that has actually changed is the visual style. Not that this is a bad thing – the Empire gloves get pretty good reviews all the time and so do the Invert ones…I just don’t think it’s necessary to repeat thing all over again. Now to tell you the truth when it comes to styling I rather much prefer the Empire gloves. Maybe it’s just me but those white details just don’t fit there. So what I’m saying basically is that the only difference – appearance – I put as a step down for the Invert SS (again that’s only my point of view). See the features the SS include:
• Kevlar Gel palm pads where you need it most
• Breathable Airprene construction
• Silicone palm logo for extra grip
• Medical Velcro closure with gusset to keep the dirt out
• Lycra hinged fingers and thumb. Again, we know how important it is for you to become one with your marker. We took every consideration in flex — especially in the thumb, to make sure you dont even realize you have gloves on.
Again – the gloves are good. They fit very well to your hand; have great ventilation and even greater grip to your gun. The padding is on the right places so even if you get shot in the hand there’s pretty small chance to get hurt. The gloves are easy to clean even around the knuckle area where you might think it’s more difficult to reach. So about the problems – they are not much, but yet they are some and I’m bound to tell you – there are complains about the rubber part not being attached to the gloves very well and coming off after short tome of usage. Also if you have shorter fingers you may find the gloves not comfortable and at some point useless as you can’t really cut the fingers (you risk stitches). Appearance is up to you again, but it’s not really my favorite. As to the price…you may think it’s less than the Empire’s, but you’ll be wrong. A pair of Invert SS costs $24.94. Even the colors are not that much – you can find the gloves in blue and red. Well at the end if you’re an Invert fan – get them. If you’re not – Empire’s the closest other choice.

I have some good news for you Invert SS model fans. There are two more shades you can choose from. The review and features stays the same, but the two new shades are woodland camo and urban camo. To tell you the truth they look definitely better than the red and blue version, but yet again those white lines simply kill the look. Oh, and one more thing you need to add up 5 more bucks to get those as a total of $29.94. Is it worthy? If you like the brand – yes.