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Empire Contact 08 LTD Paintball Gloves


We’ve already talked about the Empire Contact 08 SE, but what I’m gonna show you now is something just a few of you can get their hands at. I’m talking about the Empire Contact 08 LTD paintball gloves. After hearing all of the superlatives about the Contact 08 SE I guess it’s only waste of time to repeat them all over. And I guess all of you know what a limited edition means. So basically those are the limited version of the Empire Contact 08 SE. When I said that just a few of you can get their hands on those even better looking than the 08 SE gloves I really mean it. You should be one of the first to order them so you can have the privilege to owning them. The characteristics are just the same, but check them out one more time:
•  Contact Fingers-no more cutting the fingers off!
• Knuckle gel pad sewn in for the ultimate impact protection.
• Clarino Palm- not only is this one of the best feeling thin palm materials but it wont turn your hands the same color as your gloves
• Lycra hinged fingers and thumb- again we know how important it is for you to become one with your marker. We took every consideration in flex especially in the thumb to make sure you don’t even realize you have gloves on
• Medical Velcro closure with gusset- keeping the gloves on and the dirt out
• Kevlar reinforced palm pads where you need it most. Sliding? Go ahead put your hand down.
• Micro fiber embossed thumb panels so you can buff up or remove any unwanted splatter from your lenses without scratching them
• Silicone palm- it’s like superglue on your hands. Paintball can be a messy sport and we don’t want you dropping your $1000 dollar marker out there.
• Stretch micro mesh finger gussets to let your digits breath
• Reverse wrist closure for mobility- these gloves actually allow you to bend back your hand easier no matter what position you are shooting from
• Neoprene wrist bone coverage because we know you dive into the snake. We’ve got it covered.
• Breathable Airprene construction for maximum protection and comfort
• Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL
So what’s the difference? You should be blind to miss it. The two shades they come in are the coolest one I’ve seen in a long time. The “American legion” is for all of you patriots out there – I know you’ll be very happy with it. And the “Fire” speaks for itself – there’s just no way that you don’t drag all the attention to you on the field. And if you’re asking about the price it’s just $10 more than the Contact 08 SE version. If you really wanna look cool $10 is nothing. And if the total price of $49.99 scares you get the SE edition. They are just as good as those, minus some style points. But again…if you want to have it you should be ordering right about now.

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