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Dye C7 Men’s Paintball Gloves


After the Dye C6 this is the next generation of the Dye gloves – the C7. Since the C6 are a great gloves to have you would expect the C7 to be even better. And they are. Not by much as if you’ve read the previous review you know how few weaknesses the C6 had, but still even they’ve been overcome. The C7 has new design as you can see from the picture and dare to deny it doesn’t look awesome. I think they beat its ancestors by far. And since I’ve already mentioned that they are better that means hat they get all the good qualities that the C6 have – the comfort, the durability, the venting and the good protection provided. Check the gloves description:
• Microinjection DYE logo with direct venting
• Compression formed neoprene body for superior protection
• Direct injection knuckle guards
• Anatomically correct finger position and cut pattern for superior comfort and longevity
• Durable hook and loop closure system
• Internally padded compression formed palm for added comfort and protection
• Vented, 4-way stretch gussets for circulation and comfort
• Internal Sensi-Touch fingers dramatically increase trigger sensitivity, resulting in a more responsive trigger feel
• Microfiber palm provides superior durability and a better overall sensation on the palm
• Crosshatch impregnated silicone patterned microfiber palm
• Stretch materials used at critical flex points ensure bind free movement during rapid trigger pulls
So what were the disadvantages that were in the previous review? The fringes – that’s solved with the pre-sewn cuts. If you want to cut the tips go ahead without worrying about fringes. As to the part where you have to wear the gloves a little longer so they can get really comfy…that stays only if those are your first gloves and you’re not used of wearing any. That’s not a disadvantage by my standards…this will happen with any gloves you buy. Yeah, well after all those superlatives you know there have to be a catch somewhere…there is – the price. If you can get the C6 for $24.94 for the C7 you have to pay $44.94. For those of you who don’t really have problem with that price, I say get those, but for the others who can’t really afford them – you’ll be ok with the C6 too. Both choices are great – the C7 has a little bit more style in them. And style does not accept only one shade, so the choices of colors are plenty. You can get them in black/grey, olive green, gold, blue and red. The rest is up to you.

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  • baron April 20, 2014, 6:18 am

    i wanna to get the Dye C7 Men’s Paintball Gloves black/grey….

  • baron October 23, 2014, 3:13 am

    hello.. just want to buy one of the Dye C7 Men’s Paintball Gloves…..do u still have it