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Empire Contact 07 Paintball Gloves


As we move to the next brand of gloves you see how much the appearance change. Now if we have to compare appearance I’m so not charmed by this one. The brown in the palm of your hand is quite out of place and looks kinda pretty bad according to me…but hey, different people, different styles. And besides look is not everything (although it is highly honored in this game) the gloves still have to do the job they’re made for. If I have to compare those with the Dye ones I’ll personally stuck with the Dye. Still the Empire Contact 07 has one little advantage before the Dye gloves – there’s no need to cut the fingers. Those little pockets on the knuckles make the fingers of the glove very flexible and comfortable – you get a really good grip of your gun and nice sensitivity to the trigger. Check some other features:
• Contact fingers for the first time an actual glove design that works for your shooting fingers. The patent pending micro-membrane design hugs your index and middle trigger fingers so you can feel the sensitive micro-switches that fire todays electronic markers. Developed so the backs of your fingers are still protected but you can rapidly pull the trigger and achieve the high rates of fire that electronic markers are capable of.
• Knuckle gel pad sewn in for the ultimate impact protection.
• Kevlar reinforced palm pads where you need it most. Sliding? Go ahead put your hand down.
• Clarino Palm not only is this one of the best feeling thin palm materials but it wont turn your hands the same color as your gloves
• Lycra hinged fingers and thumb, again we know how important it is for you to become one with your marker. We took every consideration in flex especially in the thumb to make sure you dont even realize you have gloves on
• Medical Velcro closure with gusset, keeping the gloves on and the dirt out
• Micro fiber embossed thumb panels so you can buff up or remove any unwanted splatter from your lenses without scratching them
• Silicone palm- its like superglue on your hands. Paintball can be a messy sport and we dont want you dropping your $1000 dollar marker out there.
• Reverse wrist closure for mobility, these gloves actually allow you to bend back your hand easier no matter what position you are shooting from
• Neoprene wrist bone coverage because we know you dive into the snake. Weve got it covered.
• Breathable Airprene construction for maximum protection and comfort
So why would I stuck with the Dye one – beside looks the Dye gloves are protect your hands better than these ones. Not that the Contact 07 doesn’t have the padding, it’s just weaker than the C7’s. And the Contact 07 need a lot more time to break down and start feeling comfortable than the Dye C7, or even the C6. Still they are good gloves and if you’re an Empire fan, those are the gloves for you. You can get them for $29.94 and the colors you can choose from are black, blue and red.

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