Empire React 07 Paintball Gloves

If you ask me what’s the difference between these gloves and the Empire Contact 07 it’s easy – style and nothing more. The gloves are absolutely identical. This is somehow good cause if you’ve read the previous review you’ve noticed that style was the thing ruining the whole idea of the Empire Compact 07. Guess the Empire thought the same and brought up to the audience this (better in my opinion) version. So if you wanna check the features again here they are (shorter than the Compact 07 features probably just to avoid repetition):
• Knuckle gel pad sewn in for the ultimate impact protection
• Kevlar reinforced palm pads where you need it most
• Silicone palm
• Breathable airprene construction for maximum protection and comfort
• Medical velcro closure with gusset
• Two tone custom Clarino palm
• Micro fiber embossed thumb panels
• Lycra hinged fingers and thumb
• Neoprene wrist bone coverage
So if the only thing that made the Compact 07 worse than the Dye gloves were the looks and when with the React 07 this “problem” is solved does that means they are better than Dye’s? Well, that depends on the brand preferences. I don’t wanna take sides so let’s say with the Empire React 07 the result is tie. The other surprising thing to me was that the price for the Compact 07 and the React 07 is absolutely the same – $24.94. Guess that’s good for you? Now you can get the better product for the same price. The only holdback for you might be that the only color available is black. Anyway they do look awesome in it.