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Smart Parts Pro-Touch Grips


Overall the Smart Parts Pro-Touch Grips are pretty good grips although there are better ones on the market (Dye in my opinion, but you’re entitled on your own). The Pro-Touch are well designed. There’s a spot for your thumb and the section for you bottom two fingers is really squishy. They provide nice grip, although they’re not very sticky. They look very nice and add style to your gun. Some people don’t like the fact that the material is a see through (even the black ones), but I think it looks really nice. The grips fit almost every gun and seal nicely to your frame. They’re pretty durable and easy to clean. Even if they’re not the best they do the job they’re supposed to. Here’s the provided information:

“Two-tone super soft grips contoured for the shooting hand. Fits .45 style grip frames.

* Fits All:
* Mechanical Spyder
* Tippmann 98
* Smart Parts ION
* Smart Parts Impulse
* Smart Parts Shocker
* Indian Creek BKO
* Indian Creek B2k
* Indian Creek Freestyle
* Mechanical Cockers”

On the negative side – the grips tend to be a little on the big side and may not be comfortable for some of you. Although they’re said to fit all guns the adjusting may take some time. If you’re used to the Sticky grips those may seem a little slippery at first, but soon you’ll get used to them. It’s not a bad product, but if you ask me I’ll go for the Dye Sticky. The price of the Pro-Touch doesn’t differ that much anyway. You can find them for about $18. If you can spare some more money get the Dye ones, if you can’t those are also a good choice.

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