Hybrid Technologies Hellcat 45 Grip

Another pretty good choice when we talk about grips. Those are a little bit different of what you may be used to, because they’re not soft grips and it may take some time for you to adjust, but after that you’re just gonna love them. They’re very comfortable and extremely durable. They fit almost every gun and come in many patterns and colors. The materials they’re made of help improve your grip and the gun feels steady in your hand. There’s a thumb slot (for lefties too) that also helps with comfort. Read the info about them and we’ll move on:

“Rugged, long lasting Hellcat World War II tank action grip. Hybrid Hellcat grips featuring the limited lifetime warranty that comes standard on all Hybrid Products. Hybrid Technologies are the hottest grips available on the paintball scene! They are designed slimmer than normal grips making it easier to wrap your hand around them for a much more comfortable feel.”

Beside the strange feel when you first get them, which will very soon disappear, there’s nothing else to be put as a downside for these grips. They’re really great and if you don’t like the widespread soft grips those may be a really nice change. The price is about $25, which is not that much really. It’s a good choice and I don’t think you’ll regret it if you decide to go for it.