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Dye Sticky 3 Grips


The Dye Sticky 3 are the newer version of the Sticky Grips and people describe them as even more comfortable than their predecessors. They too have great design and look great on the gun. They’re much stickier than the original Sticky grips and it only gets stickier and stickier as you play. They clean easily and won’t wear out on you. Again plenty of colors are available so you won’t have any problem finding the one that fits you most. Just like the old Sticky grips those are a great product that really deserves some consideration. Here’s the provided information about them:

“DYE’s original sticky grip was the first rubber grip developed specifically for use in paintball, and has become the most popular grip on the planet. Now DYE has taken grip technology to the next level with the Sticky 3. The Sticky 3 utilizes a combination of injected materials in two different durometers to give you the ultimate in comfort. The Sticky 3 also offers full wrap design giving your frame a back strap cushion and filling your palm completely. This advanced molding technology provides you a secure anatomically correct fit with a soft shock absorption material that your hands will love. Like the original DYE Sticky, the Sticky 3 will fit all standard 45 frames and is offered in a variety of colors to match your marker. Our quality sphere jewel logo is molded directly into the grip and will stay there forever. Beware of imitations, stick with the original.”

There’s just one flaw people report for those grips – that they tend to easily when you put them on your gun. That was really an issue for the first batch, but after that Dye reinforced the material and I don’t think you have to worry about tearing any more. Still my suggestion is to put just a few small drops of oil on the frame before you attach the grips. This way they’ll be easier to slide. And note that those are only available to .45 frames so if yours are any different it may take some more tweaking until you set them right. The price of the Sticky 3 Grips is not too much different from the normal Stickies. You can find them for about $25. Anyway no matter whether you’ll get the old ones or those you’re making a great choice. Those are absolutely the best.

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  • justin maxwell October 4, 2011, 10:49 am

    how much do these run