Dye Sticky Grips

In the world of grips those are probably the best ones you can get. It’s a Dye product, so you know it’s a quality one. Anyway those grips feel way, way better than any stock ones. They’re nice and comfortable and provide some very steady grip to your gun. They won’t wear out quickly or lose their stickiness as they’re very durable. Also they’re pretty easy to clean and won’t let dirt or dust near the electronic components. They’re absolutely worth getting and will certainly add more style to your gun. There’re plenty of colors you can choose from so I doubt you won’t find what you’re looking for. If you’ve really decided to upgrade your stock grips my advice is to get the Dye Sticky. Take a look at the tiny piece of info about them:

“After market grips for markers with a .45 frame.”

Anyway, those really are the best choice you can make and even though they’ll cost you a little bit more they’re totally worthy. The one and only problem you may encounter is to fit them to your gun. It takes some tweaking, but in the end you should be just fine. The price you can get those for is about $20 which is not that bad really. Sure it’s more of a cosmetic upgrade, but you’ll certainly notice a big difference over the stock grips. Get them. You won’t regret it.