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32 Degrees Gel Grips


Grips as many other things are also optional for your paintball marker. They’re more of a cosmetic feature, but sometimes can really make some improvement. Stock grips are usually not the best ones (although there are some very good ones) and you’ll notice a big difference once you get something else. We’ll start with the 32 Degrees Gel Grips that are in the low price range. You can absolutely find something better, but for the price they come at I think you should at least check them out. The grips come in variety of colors so no matter your taste I’m sure you can find something for you. They are pretty comfortable and the marker feels steady in the hand, although some players claim they’re a little harder than expected. They look really good and will certainly improve your gun’s look. Check the provided info about them and we’ll move on:

“32 Degrees Gel Grips attach to any 45 frame that has two screw hole son each side. Adds a unique color and a comfortable feel to any gun grip. The finger grooves also make it more comfortable than a stock 45 straight grip.”

What people mostly complain about is that the screw holes don’t line up perfectly with the ones on your marker. That of course depends on the model and I’m sure that with some alignment you can get rid of this problem. They can be a little flashy for some of you, because of the shiny 32 Degrees logo on them. They can get stained easily, but they’re also not that hard to clean so another problem solved. The price they come at is about $20 and this is not so bad. Still if you can afford something better and more expensive suggest you go for it. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on grips though those are a good upgrade.

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