JT Spectra Thermal Replacement Goggle Lenses

Even though the lenses that come with most of the JT masks are good one it happens that they at some point (after a direct hit for instance) break. Or if you’re playing under really extreme condition they can sometimes fog. Something like that can ruin your day of play completely, especially if you don’t have spare lenses to replace them. Unfortunately that’s the only way of getting out of situations like that – spare pair of lenses. My advice to you is when you get the mask, spend some more money and get yourself another pair of lenses right away. Not that you can’t do it if/when your stock ones fail, but you know precaution never hurts. You can find the JT lenses easily in every paintball store, or hunting store or you can buy them online. The ones I’m gonna show you now are replacement thermal lenses for the Spectra line of masks and they differ only in their shade. Other than that they’re almost the same. You have a choice of yellow, clear, smoke or amber orange for the price of $22.94 a piece, or a pair of prism chrome mirror ones for $27.99. I know they don’t come cheap, but once you get it you know you’re ensured if something happens with the stock ones you have. The JT Spectra Thermal Replacement Goggle Lenses are more durable than the stock ones; they don’t fog at all, have no glare form the sun and are very easy to clean. The only problem may have is the change which is not always easy. But you know that’s a problem with every JT mask. With some practice you should be ok.