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JT ProFlex 8 Thermal Paintball Goggles


So here’s the Flex-7 “upgrade”. Well, actually it is an upgrade, but one that people tend to like less (if that makes sense). So they took the Flex-7, paid attention to what people don’t like about it and tried to change it. That’s the reason why the design looks so much better. Believe it or not that’s the only good thing they’ve done to this mask…so what went wrong? Remember the soft rubber I mentioned in the previous review – yes people were complaining that it hurts when you get shot in that area, but it was also helping about bounces – they’ve changed that. Now the lower part is much harder than it used to be. Some will like it, but others will just miss those bounces. The solution is to decide which one’s more important to you – bounces or protection, and get either the Flex-7 or the ProFlex8. Now I don’t know why, but people complain about this mask being uncomfortable. With the Flex-7 there were no such complains. And also – with the design change some of the lower part of your ear is left exposed and if you get hit there…I don’t even wanna think about the pain you’re gonna experience. Again, no such problems with the Flex-7. Oh, and the lenses you see in the picture don’t come stock. The mask comes with clear ones. Also…the lens change is kinda difficult…but that’s not something new with the JT masks. On the other hand they didn’t even bother to change it. and will I surprise you when I say that the ProFlex 8 is pricier? It is an “upgrade” after all. So the thing costs $59.00 that is just a waste for me. Being cheaper and better the Flex-7 is definitely the mask you should get. Still let me tell you the colors the ProFlex 8 comes in, just in case someone demands the latest. So the colors are: blue, green, camo, black/grey, red, sand camo. There is a mask called JT Flex 8 Full coverage Paintball Goggles that is practically the same thing except it solves the ear problem, but with somehow ugly design change. It costs $54.95 and comes only in camo version. There is also the JT Flex-8 Thermal Special Edition Paintball Goggles that again is the same like the ProFlex 8, but being special edition guarantees you’ll be the only one wearing it…if you’re willing to pay $64.99 for it of course.

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