JT Flex-7 Thermal Paintball Goggles

Although JT Flex-7 Thermal is not the latest JT goggles they definitely deserve your attention. This is not one of the prettiest masks on the market, but looks are not everything and JT Flex-7 is doing its job (to protect you from those nasty head shots) perfectly. It is one comfortable mask that’s not gonna give you any fog trouble. The range of view is very wide and you don’t have to worry about echo or the thing falling off your head easily – JT got all of those covered. But what really put those goggles over the others are the bounces you get from them. Thanks to the soft rubber it is made of it is probably the only mask that gets so many bounces off. Check the features:

• Tournament level paintball goggle
• Dark tint lenses
• Provides superior face protection using JT’s unique insert molding technology.
• Rigid upper mask for ultimate protection with a soft lower to conform and move
• Accepts Spectra lenses
It is really a nice mask, but it also has its flaws. Starting with that same soft rubber it is made of. It does help with the bounces, but you know it can’t be all good, right? Sometimes it happens the ball to bent the rubber in a level that it hits your lip or chin and although it takes some of the hit strength, it still gonna hurt. There are some other minor negativities the mask is getting, but I find them more of a personal preferences than being common ones – like for some the mask is kinda wide, or the others don’t like the visor, but you know that what’s bad for one is good for someone else so let’s skip that part. As to the price – we’ve seen cheap, but we’ve certainly seen pricier, so I got to classify this one as middle priced mask (meaning that the newer ones after it I put between the pricy ones). The price is $49.98. The colors you can find it in are: olive green, clear and black. Not too many, but the basics are covered. It is a mask worth buying, but still check out the next couple of reviews before making your pick (if not for something else just to be sure that this one is better).