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JT ProFlex Thermal Paintball Goggles


Now this is the real Flex-7 upgrade. This time all the things that should’ve been done are done and the final product is amazing – when speaking about the performance anyway as the design, although slightly different from the Flex-7, still makes the mask looks dull and boring. But other than that, whatever people were complaining about with the Flex-7 has been taken care of. I’m not gonna compare this one to the ProFlex 8 as they’re miles away from each other, I’m gonna compare it only to the Flex-7, because as I already said this is what a real update should look like. So to start with – the ProFlex is even more comfortable than the Flex-7, has greater protection as the soft rubber is now strengthen, but still soft enough to bounce off balls. You’ll experience absolutely no fog problems, but that has never been an issue with the JT masks. The ProFlex it’s even lighter than the Flex-7, which absolutely does not give up on the protection side – you can count on that thing to protect you well throughout the entire game. The field of vision is still the same – huge. It’s one really great mask. But still nothing is perfect, and there’s just no way we go without at least one flaw. And it is indeed only one – lens change…nothing has changed in the way lenses are changed, but that’s not a problem for this mask only as you know so let it not ruin your opinion about it. Colors are a little scanty – black and red, but if you do some more searching you might just get lucky with some others. As to the price – if you’re gonna spend more money to get a better than the Flex-7 mask, don’t waste them on the ProFlex 8, get the ProFlex. It costs $65.00 and is worth every penny of them.

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